UPSC News: More than 80 UPSC aspirants have filed the Writ Petition

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    Dear All,
    As had been informed a few days back, more than 80 aspirants have filed the writ petition about ambiguous questions in the Supreme Court, as per the information given by the core team. The diary number has been obtained, which completes the process of filing the petition. More aspirants can join and are expected to join as co petitioners in the coming days, before the final hearing takes place.

    What to expect from this case? Does UPSC shy away from scrutiny?

    If the questions are indeed proven to be ambiguous, then it is a clear cut case of arbitrariness and violation of rule of law. And all the aggrieved candidates deserve a fair compensation. A few days back, when a similar case had been filed, UPSC had repeatedly insisted the court to dismiss the case, at the initial stage itself, without even examining the evidences. Now a question arises that, if one is sincere, upright and honest, adept in doing one’s task and accountable to one’s actions, there is no reason to fear scrutiny. A few people sitting in one of the most respected Constitutional bodies i.e UPSC, might debase the value of such a great institution by running away from scrutiny. If indeed the question of CSP 2017 were verified and cross checked by the so called academic experts, then the people representing UPSC should not be afraid to get the questions reexamined for ambiguity, in the court, in the light of new evidences presented by the petitioners. This would only reaffirm people’s faith in the Constitutional body.

    It is also expected that the court gives a patient hearing and examines the evidences, rather than dismiss the case like before, just owing to minor procedural flaws. The intention should be the prevent miscarriage of justice and grant adequate respite to the aggrieved.

    It is urged on behalf of the core team to those who appeared for CSP 2017, and those who wish to seek a compensatory attempt, to be a petitioner. You have time until a day before the hearing.

    May justice prevail !

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